Graduate Courses

Theory and Practice of Bilingual and Multicultural Education (face to face)

Trends and Current Issues in Second Language Acquisition (online and face to face)

Linguistic Structure of the English Language – Sociolinguistic Perspective (online and face to face)

Methods of Teaching and Service Delivery in Languages Other than English (online)

Methods and Materials for Teaching Content in the Bilingual Classroom (online)

Foundations of Language (online and face to face)

Bilingual Language Development (online)

Spanish Phonetics and Phonology (online)

Spanish Acquisition in K-12 (online)

Undergraduate Courses

Bilingualism in the Spanish Speaking World (face to face)

Spanish Phonetics and Phonology (online)

Business and Legal Spanish (online)

Spanish Acquisition in K-12 (online)

Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics (online)

Introduction to the Study of Language (hybrid)

Spanish for Heritage Speakers (online)

Elementary Spanish part 2 (online)


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Other Teaching

2014-2018 Dance and movement therapist for children with autism and special needs, TryCAN, Summit, NJ and Somerset County Department of Recreational Therapy, Bridgewater, NJ

2014-2016 Dance/movement instructor for pre-literacy development, Township of South Orange, city of Summit, Jump Immersion School, The Preschool at the Baird, other private venues in NJ

2008-2012 ESL & literacy teacher, King’s College, the British School of Madrid

2005-2007 English Language & Culture Assistant, C.E.I.P. Asturias, Ministry of Education and Science – Community of Madrid

2005-2007 English instructor, Activa Academy, Madrid

2000-2008 Independent dance instructor and private teacher in both English and Spanish, schools and academies in Virginia, Maryland, Washington D.C., New York City, and Madrid

2005 Spanish tutor, Learning Skills Center, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA

2003 Spanish language teacher, Lopez Studios Inc., Reston, VA

1999 Translator and tester for language education software, Lingopro, Inc., Falls Church, VA

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Supervising Experience

2019 Research Intensive Summer Experience (RISE) – Big 10 Academic Alliance, Rutgers University • directly supervised and mentored undergraduate student, visiting from another college in the consortium, in developing her own research project and presenting at various student symposiums

2019 Project SUPER (Science for Undergraduates: A Program for Excellence in Research) to support women in research, Rutgers University • directly supervised and mentored undergraduate woman in data analysis and in preparation for a student symposium 2019 Dissertation: “Syntax before morphology? The role of age and Context of acquisition in the development of subject-verb agreement in bilingual children,” Rutgers University • supervised and coordinated undergraduate research assistant in data collection and data entry

2017-present Bilingualism and SLA Lab, Rutgers University • supervised undergraduate lab members in lab meetings, data collection, analysis and presentations through the ARESTY Research Center 2017-present Rutgers Laboratory for Developmental Language Studies • collaborated with lab coordinator to supervise undergraduate lab members in creation of experimental stimuli and data collection

2008-present Founder and Director, Hello! English, Madrid, Spain • employed and supervised a team of nearly 20 teachers and staff • provided training and work opportunities for university study abroad students, Fulbright scholars, interns and young teachers • created training manual and materials for new teachers